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Laser Cutting Stickers, with Flexible, High-Speed and Special-Shaped Cutting Ability

Stickers are also called self-adhesive labels or instant stickers. It is a composite material that uses paper, film or special materials as the surface material, coated with adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the matrix.Price labels, product description labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, barcode labels, mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, and transportation goods labeling increasingly use stickers in life and work scenarios.


自粘贴纸由许多材料制成,例如常用的透明贴纸,牛皮纸,普通纸和涂布纸,可根据不同的用途灵活地选择。完成各种粘合标签的切割,a激光模切机is needed.Laser die cutting machineis ideally suitable for labels digital converting and has replaced the traditional knife die cutting method. It has become a “new highlight” in the adhesive labels processing market in the recent years.

Processing advantages of laser die cutting machine:

01 High quality, high precision

The laser die cutting machine is a fully automatic laser cutting machine with high precision and stability. There is no need to make a die, the computer directly controls the laser for cutting, and is not limited by the complexity of the graphics, and can do the cutting requirements that cannot be achieved by the traditional die cutting.

02 No need to change version, high efficiency

Because the laser die-cutting technology is directly controlled by the computer, it can realize fast switching between different layout jobs, saving the time of replacing and adjusting the traditional die-cutting tools, especially suitable for short-run, personalized die-cutting processing. The laser die cutting machine has the characteristics of non-contact type, quick changeover, short production cycle and high production efficiency.

03 Easy to use, high security



Since the laser die-cutting machine can store the cutting program compiled by the computer, when re-production, only need to call out the corresponding program to cut, and repeat processing.




The cost of laser die cutting technology mainly includes equipment cost and equipment usage cost. Compared with traditional die cutting, the cost of laser die cutting technology is very low. The maintenance rate of the laser die cutting machine is extremely low. The key component – laser tube, has a service life of more than 20,000 hours. In addition to electricity, the laser die cutting machine has no consumables, auxiliary equipment, and various uncontrollable waste.

Self-adhesive label cutting solution

From the early manual cutting and die cutting to more advanced laser die cutting, the interpretation is not only the advancement of cutting methods, but also the changes in the market’s demand for labels. As an important decorative element in commodities, labels carry the role of brand promotion in the wave of consumption upgrades. More self-adhesive labels with personalized patterns, shapes and texts need to be customized with激光模切机.

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