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Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

我们的最新系列的二氧化碳平板激光cutting machines are designed to be large format, high speed, high precision and high automation.

Industry-leading mechanical systems, optical path systems, and control systems ensure the high-speed and high stability of the laser cutting machines. Gear & rack driven and servo motors provide precision movements with up to 8000mm/s2 acceleration.

A variety of working formats are available, which can effectively fit the processing needs of various industries and specifications. And we can also customize the cutting format suitable for the specific production needs.

CO2 DC玻璃激光管或RF金属激光管可根据工业和加工要求是可选的。我们平板激光切割机可配备80瓦,130瓦,150瓦,200瓦,300瓦,600瓦,800瓦,甚至高功率二氧化碳激光器。

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